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  eyeCU (reads "I See You") is the perfect application for instant messaging with Jabber and other networks using XMPP. Geolocation allows you to see the location of your contacts on the map, exchange golocation related information and much more.
  Geolocation data can be obtained by various navigation systems:
Russia  GLONASS(Russia) USA  GPS(USA) Europa  Galileo(Europe)
China  Beidou(Chinaй) India  IRNSS(India) Japan  QZSS(Japan)


The software works on any mobile or desktop device, in any country and on any satellite navigation system listed above.



Thanks to the XMPP protocol and the features under "eyeCU IM", the application can perform corporate tasks!


If you have a Jabber account, you already have eyeCU!

You will need to create an account on any one of the several thousand servers of the «Jabber-community".
This way you will be able to communicate with contacts from other social networks.
This is easily done with the help of gateways to other social networks that are present in abundance on "Jabber-community" servers.


Create your network - It's easy!

With eyeCU, you can easily set up your own network to communicate with partners and associates. This could be a network in an apartment house, at work, in a facility, or a global network. To do this you need to run your own Jabber-server.

Since a Jabber-server is not very resource demanding, it can work almost anywhere. You can download any one of these:

Ejabberd — Incredibly versatile - Recommended
Jabberd — Optimized for low-end computers
Prosody — For personal networks
Openfire — Enterprise servers

The manual for the installation and the configuration of the Jabber server can be found here here.

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